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Conference Facilities

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Services

Sala de Conferencias

If you or your business requires a secure, comfortable and spacious venue in which to hold a conference or present products to clients, the Centre for Interpretation of Olive Oil and Olive Groves is the perfect place for it. You won´t need to worry about a thing.

You won’t need to hire any personnel, worry about internet access or a phone-line, you can simply use our facilities. Our modern meeting and conference rooms are designed to accommodate the comfort and efficiency of your clients and employees, all within the walls of the elegant 17th century Casa de la Tercia in Úbeda´s historic town center.

Our meeting rooms can provide all of the facilities required to make your conference or meeting run smoothly. Our rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual equipment and a comfortable workspace, allowing you to carry out discussions, training courses and professional presentations in style and comfort.

We have a large conference room with a capacity of up 100, and rooms for smaller meetings and presentations. All of our facilities are situated in the Centre for Interpretation of Olive Oil and Olive Groves, providing a picturesque backdrop to your proceedings.


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