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The Centre for Interpretation of the Olive Oil and Olive Grove

Con botella

The idea of a hub where the culture, history and gastronomy of extra virgin olive oil from Jaén can be presented and taught was conceived in the Úbeda town hall, where counselors have a passion for their local ‘olivar’. The Centre for Interpretation of Olive Oil and Olive Groves gives visitors a true appreciation for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, its production, and the rich tradition and culture in its wake.

The olive is also the socioeconomic base of the people of the Province of Jaén it is a fundamental part of life here. The extremely fine quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Produced in Jaén results from practices passed down through generations of olive farmers working the same soil and millers refining the art of virgin oil extraction.

Our main objective is to provide visitors and Ubetenses alike with the opportunity to learn more about the olive and the golden liquid it produces, through our museum, tastings, workshops and our specialty shop.

The Olive Oil and Olive Grove Interpretation Centre opens its doors to everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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