Olive Grove and Olive Oil Association Board of Directors

Olive Grove and Olive Oil Association Board of Directors

Asociación Olivar y Aceite

The Association of Olive Oil and Olive Groves of Province of Jaén manages the Olive Grove and Olive Oil Interpretation Centre. Participating in this enterprise are the Ubeda Townhall, olive oil producers, tourism companies and restaurants with the aim of spreading awareness of the sector and enhancing ‘oleotourism’ as a new alternative source of economic growth for the region. This association is always open to new members wishing to join our commitment to the sector as an economic driver in Province of Jaén. The Association is currently managed by a Board representative of all member organizations. The Olive Grove and Olive Oil Association Board of Directors includes the following:

UBEDA TOWNHALL Mr. Javier Gámez Mora President
S.C.A. UNIÓN DE UBEDA Mr. Antonio de la Blanca Utrera Vice-President
GEA WESFALIA SEPARATOR IBÉRICA, S.A. Mr. José Rafael Cárdenas García Secretary
S.C.A. LA CARRERA Mr. José Biedma López Treasurer
ARTIFICIS TURÍSTICA, S.L. Mr. Andrea Pezzini Board Member 1
ASAJA Mr. Francisco de la Blanca Olivares Board Member 2
ACEITES PERALES MARTINEZ, C.B. Mr. Antonio Javier Perales Galiano Board Member 3
LA PRIMERA TELECOMUNICACIÓN, S.L. Mr. Felix José Román Herrera Board Member 4
EL TRUJAL DE LA LOMA, S.L. Mr. Juan Molina Martínez Board Member 5
NUEVA HOSTELERIA ÚBEDA, S.L.L. Mrs. Josefa María López Higueras Board Member 6
SCA SAN VICENTE DE MOGÓN. D. José Gilabert Blázquez Board Member 7


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