Our Facilities

The best showcase of oleoculture

The Centre for Interpretation of Olive Oil and Olive Groves is situated in a 1200 m2 facility, with exhibition spaces on two floors, a patio and basement.

The Centre strikes a balance between tradition and innovation, situated in an ancient Spanish Renaissance building, La Casa de la Tercia, with an elegant, modern interior hosting state of the art conference and teaching facilities and exhibition spaces. It is the perfect venue from which to educate and inform the public about the olive oil of Jaén and its cultivation.

Throughout the Centre, you will enjoy a modern and interactive space, where audiovisual panels and exhibits will teach you all that there is to know about Extra Virgin olive Oil: history, oil production, olive varieties, gastronomy, alternative uses of olive oil and its health benefits.

On the ground floor you will find an information panel presenting a range of byproducts of the olive oil industry and explaining their uses. You will also find our specialist shop, where you can buy the best extra virgin olive oils and typical artisanal products of Jaéna.

We also have a kid´s zone to introduce our younger generation to the culture of olive oil, and an olive oil tasting room which will allow you to learn the basic concepts necessary to know how to differentiate the olive oils which are found on the market.

On the upper floor we have a library, a training and lecture room and second tasting room. On the patio you will find a museum dedicated to the history and evolution of the olive groves of the region. Here you can take a tour of the production process, from the olive tree to the mill, contemplating each part of oil fabrication and how methods have changed through time.

In the basement you will find an exhibition of crafts, paintings and literature which reflects the great cultural heritage created through centuries of olive oil production. Furthermore we have a teaching kitchen with information about the gastronomic qualities and uses of olive oil. Finally you will pass through our “Tunnel of time”, a space in which you are submerged in the production process from antiquity to recent times, with scale models of the processing of extra virgin olive oil from the olive orchard to the mill.




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