Tasting sessions

Dive into a sea of aromas, flavors and sensations.

Tasting workshops

What is included 
A session in which you will learn the basic notions necessary to know how to differentiate the quality olive oils that we find in the market, and you will enjoy the symphony of sensorial nuances offered by our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
1 hour long.
Tuesday to Sunday at 12.30h.
Holidays after availability.
It is always necessary to pre-book for the realization.
Special workshops with pairing or Off-site workshops, check options.
€ 12 per person.
Check prices for groups.
Minimum 2 people for its realization.
Special price for tasting workshop with admission to the Museum: € 13.50
Offer for family tasting workshop: 1 adult and 1 child: 18 €.
Extra adult 9 €. Extra child € 7.



Access this world of sensations and know in depth the positive attributes of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Province of Jaén. You will discover the secrets of the Olive Oil tasting by simple methods to know its sensorial qualities, while improving your olfactory-gustatory memory. A fun and educational activity that will change your perception forever about this product.

We have already created a lot of oil lovers around the world.

Tasting in action

If you want to have a good time and learn a lot about aove, do not think about it and come to a tasting workshop


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