Different options for the enjoyment of the olive grove and the oil.

Visit an oil mill

Includes a visit to a mill close to Úbeda and / or stroll through an olive grove by the hand of an expert who will introduce us to the world of olive cultivation and the production of extra virgin olive oil. This activity usually takes place in the morning and in some cases in the afternoon. The beginning can vary according to the time of the year and has a duration of approximately 2 hours, always accompanied by specialized guides in the matter.  It is an activity in which previous reservation is necessary, since it is not done daily. All this depends on availability.


Become a farmer spending a wonderful day in an olive grove as part of a group of olive growers. You will learn how to put a “shawl”, how to “trash” an olive and also how to deposit such precious fruits in baskets, boxes or trailers. Once you learn how to grow and how our olive is harvested, you will discover the interior of an olive mill, where the olive will be ground to make your own oil. Available only in olive harvesting campaign and after consultation and reservation.


In your visit to the Interpretation Center you will learn all the concepts that are necessary to understand the collection, elaboration and sensorial characteristics of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.But in addition, if you choose this option, at the end of the visit there will be a typical Breakfast Molinero consisting of: Juice, Bread, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tomato, Ochíos (typical cake of Úbeda) and Water. Activity exclusively for groups and previous reservation. Check prices and conditions. Approximate duration of 2.5 hours (visit + breakfast).


An experience designed to enjoy and live a purely gastronomic day with AOVE as the protagonist. Visit the Olivar and Oil Interpretation Center immersing yourself in the exciting world of Olive Oil and its elaboration and then finish tasting a great pairing in the form of a menu, experiencing first hand the sensations that bring us different varieties of olives.A tasting menu that you can taste in a quality restaurant. A place where the cuisine is understood in a traditional way with touches of evolution and modernity in each of its dishes and tapas. All this combined with a cozy and exclusive atmosphere and where extra virgin olive oil is breathed on all four sides. Pre-booked activity. Contact us.


The perfect marraige: Renaissance and Olive Oil. A perfect combination for your trip to Jiennenses land. Úbeda and Baeza, declared patrimony of the humanity, give us a sample of art, history and architecture without equal. Take a walk, in two half days, through its streets and enjoy its main monuments accompanied by expert interpreters.And to round off your trip, add to your cultural visit a visit to the Olive and Oil Interpretation Center. A fascinating journey into the world of Oil entering all fields of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, elaboration, uses, varieties, gastronomy, health, etc.Pre-booked activity. Ask us for prices and conditions.


Learn about the world of oil and learn to appreciate the aromas and flavors of an olive oil through a visit to the Oil and Olive Oil Interpretation Center and a tasting workshop led by a professional tasting oil specialist. Know the history of oil or what it is by means of a tasting panel. And once you know the detail of the oil culture, learn to find positive and negative attributes in olive oil. Did you know that different varieties of olives provide different aromas and flavors. Once we know the detail of the world of oil, we will put our knowledge into practice by visiting a mill and walking through an olive grove. The activity lasts 4 hours and always accompanied by specialized guides in the field.Pre-booked activity. Ask us for prices and conditions.

A variety of options to enjoy with the oil

Oiltourism in its purest form

Visits, aromas, mills, flavors, experiences.

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