Different options for the enjoyment of the olive grove and the oil.

Visit an oil mill

Get to know the virgin olive oil production process in situ by visiting an oil mill, where, from the hand of our guide, you will learn the modern techniques of the virgin olive oil production process, from the reception of the fruit to its storage in store.

In addition, you can add a walk among olive trees, contemplating the wonderful sea of ​​olive trees in the province of Jaén. Learn about its history, vegetative cycle, olive varieties, maturation process, harvesting methods and cultivation techniques that are carried out in the olive grove.

This activity usually takes place in the morning and in some cases in the afternoon. The beginning can vary depending on the time of year and lasts approximately 2 hours, always accompanied by specialized guides in the field.

The price may vary depending on the oil mill to visit. They range between €6 and €20. It is an activity in which prior reservation is necessary, since it is not carried out daily. This is all based on availability.


Become a farmer spending a great day in an olive grove. You will learn how to put a “shawl” or how to “varear” an olive. Once you learn how our olives are grown and harvested, you will get to know the interior of an oil mill, where the olives will be ground to make your own oil.

You will be the “Oil Master” following the path that your olive takes until you get liquid gold to take home.
An unforgettable experience that you will remember for a lifetime!

Available only in campaign and prior consultation and reservation.


Enjoy a typical miller’s breakfast, the basis of local cuisine and the Mediterranean diet. In this olive oil tourism activity you will be able to visit the Interpretation Center and learn all the concepts that are necessary to understand the collection, elaboration and sensory characteristics of EVOO. At the end of the visit, there will be a typical Miller Breakfast consisting of: Juice, Bread, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tomato, Ochíos (typical cake from Úbeda) and Water.

Oil tourism activity in Jaén for groups and prior reservation. Check prices and conditions. Approximate duration of 2.5 hours
(visit + breakfast).


An experience designed to enjoy and live a purely gastronomic day with the EVOO as the protagonist. Visit the Olivar y Aceite Interpretation Center immersing yourself in the exciting world of Olive Oil and its production, and then end up tasting a wonderful pairing in the form of a menu, experiencing first-hand the sensations that the different varieties of olives give us. A tasting menu that you can enjoy in a quality restaurant.

Other gastronomic options in our cooking classroom are the Show-Cooking, Workshops or Private Events thanks to the best Chefs in Jaén, they teach us how to cook and pair the different extra virgin olive oils in the kitchen.

Oil tourism activity in Úbeda, Jaén, prior reservation. Ask us.


The perfect marriage: Renaissance and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A perfect combination for your trip to Jaen lands. Take a walk, in two half-days, through the streets of Úbeda and Baeza, and enjoy its main monuments accompanied by expert interpreters.

And to round off your trip, add to your cultural visit an oil tourism experience in Jaén with a visit to
the Olivar y Aceite Interpretation Center.

Activity by reservation. Ask us for prices and conditions.


Cosmetic Workshops
Learn to make your own soaps and discover the properties of EVOO in cosmetics.

esparto workshop
An esparto grass workshop led by a master expert in weaving rugs, serones, baskets.

pottery workshop
It is also offered to carry out a Ceramics Workshop and recall past times and in which to make clay pieces by hand using the most basic techniques such as the churro, plate, ball and bas-relief techniques.

Forge Workshop
In the Forge Workshop, he knows the manufacture of all kinds of tools and agricultural implements in ovens that reach a temperature of 900ºC, in order to hammer and mold the desired work.

ONLY GROUPS. Check price per person and conditions.


Create your own tour package with a guide / expert in olive groves and oil tasting just for you. If you fancy a visit to an olive grove or visit an oil mill in a specific location, you can do so with this à la carte oil tourism activity option in Úbeda.
You can do it in half a day or in a full day. You decide the duration and location (whenever possible)

This is your best chance. Do not hesitate and hire your exclusive tourist oil guide to live your own unique experience.

Prior consultation and reservation.

An infinity of options to enjoy with the oil

Oiltourism in its purest form

Visits, aromas, mills, flavors, experiences.

Visita al Olivar

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