Are you a company, freelancer or cooperative and would you like to be part of this project?


Join the Olivar y Aceite family

It is part of a project that works for the dissemination of the EVOO culture

A meeting space where you can create synergies with other entities, your product is promoted and opportunities appear for your entity.


Open association
Non-profit and with a lot of encouragement to do things.
Here you can.
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Benefits of being part of this project

You will be part of a project in which all its associates share an objective: the Dissemination of the EVOO Culture.

Both in the activities that we develop in our Center and in the different initiatives and attendance at the Fair that we attend.
If you are a producer of EVOOs or a product closely related to it, you can sell in our physical store and on our online platform.
As a member of our project, you and your employees will have access to discounts on our training activities that we carry out throughout the year.
A member can use our facilities for free, twice a year. This is the case of our Conference Room or our Kitchen Classroom, which are ideal for presentations or events.
We carry out different dissemination activities such as open days, organization of events, conducting talks for associates, etc. In addition to being present in an incomparable showcase such as our Center.


Our engine
Our partners

More than 80 entities pushing to place EVOO in the place it deserves.

You can contact by phone 953755889.

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