Oil Tasting and Pairing Workshop

A different way to analyze EVOO

Enjoy the most complete tasting workshop where we will discover the EVOO sensorially and how to combine it with different food/gastronomic proposals.

Tasting Workshop of Virgin Olive Oils and Pairing
What includes 

An oil tasting session guided by an expert in the field where we will learn about the types of oil that exist, how to identify them by smelling and tasting them, and finally we will learn how the EVOO is assembled with different types of food in the pairing section.



After consulting availability.

€30 per person. Minimum 4 people.
Meeting point
Olivar and Oil Interpretation Center. San Fernando slide 32 Úbeda.



What is the best way to combine EVOO?
Discover how to pair extra virgin olive oil
Delve into the wonderful world of EVOO with an oil tasting at our facilities. Educational and fun. We are going to learn to differentiate qualities and how to defend yourself when buying. To end the session we will see how different varieties of olives are shared depending on how their EVOOs are applied in some foods or others.



Taste and enjoy
The art of pairing
EVOO, pairing, aromas, flavors.
Práctica de
istentes del club de cata probando las muestras.
Curso de Cata de AOVE
Curso de Cata de AOVE
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