COMING SOON. Training in EVOOs for Hospitality.

A training program to learn more about extra virgin olive oil and provide good customer service in terms of EVOO.


Let’s take care of the EVOO as it deserves.
A Training Project with the aim that the professionals of the HORECA channel can give a good treatment of the EVOO in the hotel industry
You are a hospitality or tourism professional in the Province of Jaén and you want to know more about Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In that case, these courses will interest you. when they are published


Two posibilities.
One to enter and another to deepen.
Introductory Course to Sommelier.
Delve into the exciting world of EVOO tasting and sommelier.
EVOO Sommelier Course
A course designed to develop a good treatment of EVOO in hospitality


This is what you will find
Images of our training program
Tasting, theory, practice, speakers, EVOOs, wine, ham, cheese, communication, treatment in the room, good service, etc.

You cannot attend but would like to train in olive oils.

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