Olive oil package tour



Includes a visit to the Centre for Interpretation, a basic tasting session and a visit to a working olive orchard and mill.

Immerse yourself in the world of the olive and experience the aromas and flavours which Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives us with a visit to the Centre for Interpretation and a guided tasting session hosted by one of our experts. This experience will give you a fundamental understanding of the history and culture of olive oil in Jaén province and teach you how to interpret its subtle flavours. Each olive variety and style of oil has a unique fingerprint which you will learn to differentiate.

Once you have had time to absorb the history and sensations of the olive world we will put into practice your knowledge by visiting a working olive mill and walking through the orchards. The activity lasts 4 hours, throughout which you will be accompanied by guides with specialized knowledge of olive oil.

Please contact us for further information, prices or to reserve a place on the tour.

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