Tour of Úbeda, Baeza and olive oil museum


Includes a guided tour around Úbeda and Baeza, and a visit to the Centre for Interpretation.

baezaTo fully experience Jaen province, you need to encounter both the sensations and culture of Olive Oil and the rich history of the Spanish Renaissance. On this tour you will experience the history, art and architecture of two ancient Andalusian towns, in addition to gaining a deep understanding of the production processes and culture behind Olive Oil in our museum.

Ubeda and Baeza, two of the most beautiful historic cities in Spain, were both awarded UNESCO world heritage status in 2003. They offer us a taste of the art and architecture through a golden age in our history, the Spanish Rennaisance. Take a stroll through their cobbled streets and enjoy their monuments and ornate stonework accompanied by an expert historian.


To round off your journey, a visit to the Centre for Interpretation of Olive Oil and Olive Groves will add to this cultural experience. An impassioned journey through the world of olive oil, venturing deep into all aspects of olive production; oil making, olive varieties, gastronomy, health benefits and other uses of this remarkable fruit.

The activity lasts one day and must be reserved in advance. Please contact us to reserve a place, or for information regarding prices and conditions.

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